Triad Holstein Hair-On Cowboy Boots

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Holstein is a very soft and supple, all-natural  cowhide leather. They feature natural markings of the animal and therefore are not symmetrical and will not be an exact match to a pair. This is desirable and lends to the authenticity of the leather. They may take a little longer to make due to finding the closest match possible. Also, color tone and color ratio will vary, and we cannot take special requests for more or less of one color. 

This is a triad cut, also known as Gallegos cut.  It is a three piece construction and fit as opposed to a stand four piece construction.

Features include:

  • Triad Cowhide hair-on vamp construction
  • Smooth cowhide leather upper
  • Maple cowhide leather lining
  • 3/4 welt
  • Leather insoles and outsoles
  • Metal shank for arch support

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